Stability Storage & Testing

TetraGenx has the analytical resources and expertise to perform pre-commercial and commercial product stability testing. Other studies performed include forced degradation, statistical analysis and data trending, innovator drug product comparison stability testing, photo stability and thermal lability.

TetraGenx has both walk-in and reach-in stability chambers having over 1500 cubic feet of product stability storage space with a range of temperature and humidity conditions. Each stability chamber is continuously maintained and monitored 24/7. The chambers are fully backed in the event of power outage.

We offer the following storage conditions:

• 25-40°C / 55-75
• 25°C/60
• 30°C/65
• 40°C/75
• 5°C
• 30°C
• 40°C
• -4°C
• -20°C
• Photostability