TetraGenx has a proven track record in delivering robust and stable client drug product formulations that consistently deliver the desired API dose. Our scientific staff members have supported IND and NADA/NANDA for various major animal health companies in the last 30 years.

Dosage forms have included uncoated and coated tablets, capsules, solutions, emulsions and semisolids. TetraGenX has also developed for clients specialized novel drug delivery dosage forms such as taste-masked coated granules, soft chewable tablets, and bi-or tri-particulate drug products.
TetraGenX Animal Health formulation scientists have the knowledge and the experience to formulate and to follow drug dosage formulations from formulation prototype to commercial manufacturing in the following areas:

• Companion Animals (dogs and cats)
• Bovine (cows)
• Porcine (pigs)
• Equine (horses)

Once the pilot batches have passed raw material compatibilities and development milestones, TetraGenX expert formulation and cross-functional team members are able to prepare and to tech transfer scale up batches.